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March 04, 2005


Secret Pal

Glad you feel better now! I don't suppose you could go by ok bad move! Have a good weekend, hope your little something arrives soon!


I LOVED this entry. I am very much a people watcher and love taking the train. I am amazed at what people will do and say. lol
Now the tonail clipping bit--- ummmm yeah GROSS!!!!!!!!!! lol

Thanks for sharing and POST MORE>> I love your entires.


Hi Secret Pal and Tanya! Thanks to both of you for stopping by! I wasn't sure if anyone was checking my blog anymore since I'm not so good about keeping up to date! I'm trying to be better about it...I promise!


Oh my.

Sadly you are spot on... While I've never taken the Metra into Chicago I have taken the South Shore (same concept but goes from Chicago to South Bend IN) and yeah... I think people get so used to the trip that it begins to feel like home to them and, well, somethings people should just do at home.

Love your blog, BTW!

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